The River Cafe - Festival of Food Adelaide 2013

I have reviewed this restaurant before, and it is in my top recommendations page.  It still remains as one of my favourite restaurants in Adelaide.  Always good food, friendly service and in a great atmosphere with the beautiful view of the River Torrens.   This time I am going to review the Festival of Food at this restaurant.

We had the Festival of Foods on the Friday night, and of course we had to book beforehand as it is always busy.  We were seated down at our table by a friendly staff member.  Ciabatta breads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar was served whilst we were enjoying our bottle of the Yalumba cabernet sauvignon.  The prices on the wine list was pretty reasonable.  

When the entree tasting plate arrived at our table, it was like wow, very mouth watering. They not only looked amazing but absolutely delicious and delightful to eat.  The prawns were big, marinate with a red pepper dressing.  They were very sweet, in addition the fregola and crisp prosciutto made them very refreshing.  

Fine dining at a stunning location!!


The white soup was very creamy.  It was a cauliflower soup, served with crostini.  We couldn't taste chunks of cauliflower in the soup as it was blended in with the liquid so well.    The arancini balls at The River Cafe have always been one of my favourite.  They are basically cheese balls.  Smoked saffron and mozzarella cheese with tomato sugo.  They were very tasty and I could eat many of them.  



After the finger licking good entrees, I was onto the main course.  We ordered all different ones.  Some were from the set menu, and a few were from the alacarte menu.  We could choose whichever we liked on the alarcarte menu, the catch was that we could only choose up to $32.50, any main courses over $32.50, we just had to pay the difference.  We thought, a couple of dollars so why not?

The pork cutlet - Cotoletta di Maiale was pan fried with apple and celeriac puree, with the red leaf salad, shaved fennel.  It was very inviting, and you could taste the apple balsamic.



The duck was from the alarcarte menu, it was twice cooked so the meat was soft and tender.  I love silverbeet, it was sautéed with white beans and pickled cherries.  Two duck legs were certainly enough for a main course.  I loved it!


Last but not least, you can't go wrong with a steak.  We chose the beef fillet from the alacarte menu.  The beef was chargrilled to perfection, the piece of meat was from the Limestone Coast.  It was medium, just the way I like it.  On the side was the truffled mash potato, it was smooth.  Broccolini was on the side and topped with a balsamic glaze, it was tantalising.


Everytime I go to River Cafe, I always order the Eggplant sugo.  There's no where that serves eggplant as good as this one.  It is a bit like a moussaka.  It is oven baked with eggplant parmigiana and tomato sugo, basil and asiago.  For the special price of $5, it was more than worth it to share between three to four people.  



After all the food, we were quite full.  However, there is always room for dessert.  The in-house after dinner dessert was macarons.  We got one each, they had coconut taste to them.  A lot of the macarons put me off as they are way too sweet.  These ones were just right, the ganache between the two biscuits just melted together as soon as I put one in my mouth.  They were very yummy.


At first we were going to share the desserts, however as soon as we saw the dessert menu, we couldn't make up our minds what to have.  All the desserts are usually approx $15 each.  For the Festival of Food, we could choose any dessert for $8.50, now that was a super bargain.  We couldn't say no to dessert by this stage.  After ten minutes, we decided to order a dessert each.  Just as well we did, as all the desserts were absolutely wild.   


The white chocolate semifreddo looked too nice to eat, it was served with strawberry salsa, amaretti biscuits, lemon & basil granita.  Yes the dessert was semi frozen, like a smooth frozen mousse.  A refreshing dessert to finish off the meal.


Crème Brûlée and the crostini was very presentable, it was a vanilla and berry creme brûlée.  The hard layer of caramel on top was so thin that at the tap of the spoon, it cracked and broke into the smooth custard, the sugar from the caramel infused with the custard, making the whole dessert amazingly great.  


Panna Cotta was nice and fluffy, it was limoncella flavoured, the spiced apricot compote and the pistachio biscotti was the perfect match for the dessert.  


Last but not least, it was the special dessert menu for the night, the soft centered chocolate pudding.  The inside was so soft that it just melted in your mouth.  Well balanced with the berry compote and the sticky date gelato on the side.  The fairy floss was for the pretty decoration, but of course we ate it too. 

For the price, the food, drinks and the excellent atmosphere, you just can't get any better.  For those of you who haven't tried The River Cafe, I urge you to, as you all don't know what you're missing out on.  I will always come back here. 


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Festival of Food 2013 Voucher, for $32.50 per person entitles you to have: - A set entree - A main course up to the value of $32.50. For the mains above $32.50, just pay the extra price difference. - Choose any side dish from the alacarte menu for $5 each. - Choose any dessert @$8.50 each, cheese @$12.50