Altar Bistro

Next time you are down in Willunga, I strongly recommend you try out this restaurant - Altar Bistro.  It is truly a hidden gem, that's not far from the Willunga markets.  This used to be a church, but amazing food is made inside this little place.  The chef trained with a master chef from a michelin star restaurant and it is all French inspired, yes one of my favourites. 

No fancy decor but comfortable seatings with plenty of natural light coming through the windows. 

Freshly baked bread to begin with, straight out from the oven.  It was so hot that we couldn't hold it in our hands.  I loved the smell of cheese and the soft silky butter.

We chose a seafood theme for lunch.  We had linguine which was made in house with saffron, poached crab, scallops, mussels and prawns in a rich Bouillabaisse sauce.  At first I thought it would be very cheesy and filling, but OMG, it was so good that I licked the plate clean.  We heard the chef asked the waitress what the customers thought.  She said, 'look at the plate!' haha. 

Barramundi fillet was a big chunk of fillet with its skin crispy fried.  Served in a shellfish bisque with bok choy, kipler potato and what I thought was sausage appeared to be scallop and prawn cake.  There were so many elements in the bisque itself but yet I could taste each major ingredient separately.  This included the natural sweetness of the barramundi fillet, the butter poached potatoes and the scallops/ prawns.  It was a top notch dish. 

Now lunch is not complete without dessert.  I have tried all sorts of souffles before but I don't remember having a quince one.  It was served with vanilla icecream and pistachio praline.  Quince and pistachio.... a match made in heaven!  

I gathered the berries were in season, vanilla semifreddo accompanied with strawberries and raspberries with a fresh berries and coulis was a dessert almost too nice to eat.  The moment this dessert was brought to the table, I could smell the freshness of the passionfruit seeds.  The balance between sweet and sour was just perfect.  

To be honest, I couldn't fault anything. Wow.  This was mind blowing and spectacular.........

Im seriously impressed.  I hope people appreciate the food as much as I did.  

I can't wait to go back.......... I will have to find a weekend for an escape. :)


Visit Altar Bistro - 27 High Street, Willunga, SA 5072 - (08) 8556 2379

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