The reality of a Food Blogger

What do you want as a reader of a food blog? 

Why are you reading a food blog?

Are you looking for places to wine and dine? 

Be careful when you read a food blog review.

I just want to take this opportunity to express my thoughts as a food blogger.  I started writing my food blog a couple of years ago.  I enjoyed going to places and taking pictures then putting my thoughts down on a page to share with my readers.  I paid for my own food and drinks.

Nowadays there are many events that bloggers are invited to.  But as they say there's no such thing as a free lunch.  Often there is a media company or public relations company behind it.  You get free food as long as you take pictures, promote the company, post on your instagram and facebook and write a review.  What happens is that a lot of the reviews you read from these events are biased.  If you get free food how can you write a bad review?  Often it is at an opening and obviously the owners are wanting to showcase their food.  It is not a true reflection of what a customer would get if they went on a busy day.

Now there is a place for this.  

I have stopped attending these types of events, but occasionally I will go particularly if I learn something new, get to network, or discover new food passions. I like to go back to good restaurants and review them on the basis of a paying customer getting regular service.

I would rather pay for my food and go to restaurants/cafes that take my fancy.  By not disclosing myself as a food blogger, I try to give a genuine review.

Lots of love from Daisyum - Enjoy your food!! xx