Hanuman has hit Adelaide, right underneath Chiefley Hotel on South Terrace.  It first opened up in Darwin, then Alice Springs and now right on our door step.  It is a combination of Thai, Indian and Nonya cuisines.  They have a big emphasis on using local and seasonal produce with the freshest ingredients and that is their key to success. 

I love Tom Yum soup, I must learn how to make it one day.  It is one of the classic Thai soups full of hot and sour flavours.  I know that kaffir lime leaf and galangal play a big role in a successful Tom Yum soup.  I saw lemongrass too.  A rich broth with SA prawns floating in it was a great way to open up our appetites. 

There was certainly a lot of choices on the menu, and we wanted to have them all.  Eggplant was a must, it was called Eggplant Pachadi.  Eggplant cooked in a tomato onion sauce with tangy tamarind.  The spices gave it the extra kick. 

Red curry was also chosen for the night.  The meat was duck.  Slices of roasted duck simmered in a rich coconut and red curry sauce.  There was also basil, kaffir lime leave, lychees and even a few fresh pineapple pieces.  The duck was moist and the curries had soup like consistency. 

Classic Indian Naan bread to dip our curries in.  They were perfectly textured, round, blistered and soft.  The servings were quite big. 

We also ordered the Thai noodles, what we normally called Pad Thai.  The noodles were tossed with prawns, eggs, peanuts served on the side for us to mix in.  There was a sharp taste of the tamarind, not overly sweet.  One of the best pad thai I have had.

Would I come again?  Definitely, the restaurant was comfortable, the atmosphere was great, service was attentive and the food was delicious.  If you love your Indian and Thai food, then this may be just right for you. 


Visit Hanuman - Chiefly Hotel, 226 South Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8359 3500

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