Cellar Door Fest Insider's Preview Night

Cellar Door Fest?  It is when many of the South Australian wine regions come together in one place, in one weekend.  You can sample wines from the different regions, different beers, have some tastings of amazing food, and meet the producers.  This year there is even a long table dinner, master classes, and beer garden.  We were lucky to be invited to take a sneak preview of what it will be like at the festival by visiting three participating wineries.  

The idea of having Cellar Door Fest is so that wineries achieve more publicity, bringing all of them to one location.  There are certainly a lot of hidden little gems scattered around Adelaide.  Ben and Andrea from Tidswell Wines were so lovely to chat with us and told us their stories behind the wines.  Many of the wine labels are dedicated to family members.  What is so good about Tidswell Wines is that they offer group bookings, so a Friday after work tastings would be absolutely amazing.  I must say I do love their cabernet savingnon the best.  To complement the wines, we had a lovely fresh cheese, quince and ham platter supplied by Bottega Rotolo which is only located on King William Road.

Our second stop was about 100 metres away, to Signature Wines.  I never knew this winery existed until today.  It is well hidden.  We were taken by surprise the moment we entered into the 'shed'.  The setting, the atmosphere, the service was absolutely immaculate.  It was almost like a mini wedding.  I loved the barrels on the side.  Dan and Bec are the owners of Signature wines.  They value quality rather than quantity.  Their wines are not available at the whole sellers.  We were told that they would go and talk to their clients, and then bring them back here to provide training so that they make sure people have a good understanding of their wines.  Signature wines only participate in events which are important and in line with their business model.  My favourite was the Barossa Valley shiraz from 2009 vintage.  To complement the wines, we were offered burgers from Ruby spice by Jackie.  She has an Indian background and therefore has developed all these spices, we were lucky to try the memphis magic BBQ rub on the burgers; together with date, lime and chutney which took the burgers to another level.  They were so good that I couldn't wait to bite into it and in turn I forgot to take a photo of the burgers.  We were also given a sample of this magic rub to take home with us.  

Our last and final stop was Tomich Wines located on King William Road.  There was a red carpet to welcome us.  Randall gave us a story too and at this winery, sit down tasting is available.  To finish off the night, we had chocolates from Red Cacao and coffee.  We learnt about the process of how chocolate is made from raw cacao and got to taste the different stages, last but not least, we even got to try the rum and raisin truffle.  Imagine raisin soaked in rum overnight and then coated with dark chocolate?  The richness of the rum and the bitterness of the cocoa, omg what a match made in heaven!  What an excellent way to end the night, with precious lessons learnt, many stories shared, lots of laughter, amazing company, delicious food and beautiful wines! 

We certainly had a wonderful night, and just hearing stories from the different wineries was just amazing, these were just three, imagine 50 times more of them? 

I am looking forward to spending my weekend at the Cellar Door Fest, it will be like a road trip around South Australia.  Instead of travelling to all the different regions, you will have it all over three days at once location.  What more could you want?  Why don't you come down and join myself and many food and wine lovers down at the amazing Cellar Door Fest from 26th to 28th of February? 

You can visit here for more info : http://cellardoorfestival.com