Osteria Oggi

Osteria Oggi is an Italian restaurant located on Pirie Street.  The main focus of Osteria Oggi is their fresh pasta, but don't worry there are plenty of other dishes to choose from if you are not so much of a pasta fan.  The entrance of this restaurant was a little deceiving.  You will walk past a long table at the bar, followed by a big dining area with long communal tables and booths. There are individual booths on the sides if you prefer more intimate seating.  You won't feel cramped because the booths are roomy and the seats are very comfy.

We started off with a glass of pecorino.  There were a lot of Italian wines on the list.  We had asked for some filtered water, but the waitress gave us a bottle of the sparkling water instead.  It didn't really bother us, it was the freshest brand of sparkling water, as we learnt from the Hahndorf Hill Winery. 

For entrees, we had the crumbed pork which arrived in the shape of cubes.  The batter was crunchy outside and the moment we cut into the cube, the pieces of shredded pork came out. They were marinated so well, and they were just ever so tender.  They were delicious, it was amazing to see how much pork was actually stuffed in the cube. 

I love beef carpaccio, and I tend to order it every time I see it on the menu.  The beef was thinny sliced, served with fresh herbs, rocket and shavings of parmasean cheese.  There was just a little bit too much aioli for my liking, otherwise it would have been a perfect dish for me. 

I literally had a big breakfast just before this, therefore we decided to share a pasta between the two of us.  I could smell this plate from miles away, the amazing smell of garlic and herbs.  Everything just blended so beautifully with this linguine.  There were many pipis in this pasta, not that I am complaining because it was gastronomical.   The only downfall with this pasta was that it was a tat salty and we were not given a bowl for the pipi shells.   

Osteria Oggi offers Italian food in an elegant way and dishes are great to share.  The service was great, the atmosphere was relaxing and the food was satisfying.  Would I come back?  Yes definitely, there are items that I would love to try on the menu. 


Visit Osteria Oggi - 76 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8359 2525

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