Pickle in the Middle

Pickle in the Middle, doesn't the name sound pretty?  I certainly think so.  It is a beautiful cafe located on Unley Road.  As you know there are quite a few cafes down that way, but what catches the eyes is the bright yellow paint on the exterior. The cafe itself is not very small.  The majority of the seating is inside, with a couple of tables and chairs just outside.  We didn't have to wait long before a table was ready.  

Pickle in the middle makes everything in house, including the bread and not to mention about their pickles, oh did I mention pickles?  Yes, and that is what I like about them.  I remember coming across to Pickle in the middle in the Adelaide Central Market, yes that's right.... that's where I have seen them before.  They offer a lot of vegan and gluten free items which not a lot of cafes have a big selection of. 

I chose to have a mofo deluxe coconut sugar hot chocolate, just the name was a mouth full.  I was expecting it to be super sweet.  However to my surprise, it was light and the hint of coconut flavour just made the hot chocolate very nice to drink.  I could have this any day. 

One of us had simple poached eggs on toast with ciabatta bread.  A couple of big spoonfuls of eggplant relish was served on the side.  Hmm... delicious! 


I opted for the breakfast greens, as you can imagine just by the name, everything was green.  It consisted of Asian greens, broccolini, sugar snap peas, shredded kale mixed in with brown rice and red quinoa.  I cut the egg in half, and let the yolk run down into my salad.  It was all the goodness in a bowl, the pickled chilli wasn't hot but they gave the green salad that extra kick.  I loved it!  

Now for something sweet, we also ordered the buckwheat pancakes.  It was seated on a bed of pureed mango... woohoo I could taste the mango chunks.  It was delicious and not overly sweet.  Who says you need to have maple syrup on pancakes?  These pancakes were accompanied by   lemon vanilla ricotta, toasted coconut, macademia and wattle seed, drizzled with some kaffir lime syrup.  They were very satisfying. 

I thought the menu at Pickle in the Middle was quite creative, but what was noticeable was that the waitresses were either overworked, disorganised or a combination of both.  On a busy day, it just didn't work.  Every time we wanted service, we would have had to wait a while, staff were too busy to be attentive.  Normally you would wave or look at staff to get their attention, but here they were too busy trying to get plates to tables to even notice.  Maybe the waitering staff to customer ratio could be improved.  I will still come back though, I like the idea and these things take a while to work out. 


Visit Pickle in the Middle - 134 Unley Road, SA 5061 - (08) 8172 1083 

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