Black Dog Gallery

Japanese breakfast?  Yes you heard me, this is what Black Dog Gallery is all about. When I think of Japanese food, I think of sushi, sashimi, tempura and a lot of rice.  I rode past this cafe a few times but haven't had a chance to pay a visit until last weekend.  It is located on Greenhill Road in the suburb of Tusmore. 

It looked like I had entered into a Japanese room.  The cushions on the chairs reminded me of the futon beds in Japan.  Even the use of the colour scheme on the interior gave me the same feeling. 

The friendly waitress took us to our table, and not long after we ordered a Pui mu tan tea to cool down.  It was like a sweet and sour preserved plum in an icy tea drink.  It was very refreshing.  

There were lot of gluten free options on the menu.  We opted for the classic breakfast with salmon.  At most cafes, the salmon would be thinnly sliced and perhaps smoked.  This was a salmon fillet which was pan fried,  served with aji-tama (salted soft boiled egg), with a couple of condiments on the plate.  Celery, daikon radish and a little crab salad on the side.  The pickled vegetables were indeed very tasty.  

Each breakfast dish came was accompanied by white rice and miso soup.  This was no ordinary miso soup, in fact it was one of the best I have had in a very long time.  This breakfast was a vegetarian treat.  Instead of a normal ordinary omelette, the eggs had been rolled up and cut into four pieces.  Again it was served with side dishes on the plate, and the shitake mushroom salad with orange and miso dressing was the highlight.  The kale appeared to be a little hard to eat.  I did enjoy the Kinpira celery and the pickled vegetables too. 

There is no surprise that Japanese do eat a lot of rice, even for breakfast.  In fact this breakfast can easily turned into a brunch.   We don't see many of these cafes around in Adelaide just yet.  I loved the friendly service, the choice of their menu and the attention to detail that the owner puts into making his food.  I commend them for bringing a bit of Japan here in the burbs.  It was a delightful experience. 


Visit Black Dog Gallery - 4/455 Greenhill Road, Tusmore, SA 5065 

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