Dragon Court Seafood Restaurant

What used to be Mong Kok Chinese Restaurant on Gouger Street has been replaced with the new Dragon Court Seafood Restaurant.  The decor has changed, staff has changed and of course the menu has also had a complete face lift.  It serves typical Chinese Cantonese food.  There were a lot of customers in the restaurant, so that must be a good sign.  The best way to go about it is to order a few dishes to share amongst a group of you.  It was no exception tonight.  The menu was very big.   There was a good range of Chinese food though.  

For entree we had the jelly fish with shredded cucumber and carrot.  The jelly fish was actually very salty for my liking.  The hot and sour soup which I thought I took a picture of was so sour that I couldn't taste what was in there.  It was just over powered with vinegar.  

For main courses, we had the three cup chicken.  This is a typical Taiwanese chicken dish and perhaps one of my favourite ones.  Well not tonight, the chicken were thigh fillets rather than chunks of chicken on bone.  The whole theory behind the three cup chicken is that they go through three cups of ingredients of cooking, one being dark soy sauce, to me the chicken didn't get any dark soy at all.  I wouldn't call this dish three cup chicken, chicken fillet with basil in a hot pot would suit better. 

I must give credit to the pork ribs in orange sauce, it was the best one I have had and the waiter informed me that it was the most popular dish on the menu.  The broccoli in ginger was also executed well. 

Salt and pepper soft shell crab looked nice, however the batter on the outside was a little too thick, therefore when we bit into it, we tasted not much but batter.  It wasn't very salty which was a good thing. 

Last but not least we had the prawns and vermicelli hot pot.  There were a few prawns in the pot and they were gigantic.  The favours were all there, but the vermicelli was a little soggy. 

The restaurant is called a seafood restaurant, however I didn't see any live seafood in the tanks.  Maybe they are still new and waiting for the live seafood to arrive.  It was ashame that a few of the dishes weren't up to my standard tonight.  The restaurant is actually beautiful and the staff were very friendly.  Entertainment book can still be used even though Mong Kok Restaurant is still at that address.  I wouldn't mind coming back to try their yum cha during the day.  


Visit Dragon Court Seafood Restaurant - 81-83 Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8231 9456

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