Miss Perez Kitchen & Bar

I love to take a drive up the freeway and about 9 minutes I am in the Adelaide hills in Stirling.  As soon as you reach the roundabout, you are surrounded by a lot of restaurants.  Today we decided to make a visit to Miss Perez Kitchen & Bar.  Miss Perez is known for its Spanish influence, although I wasn't sure about that just from looking at the menu, it was very modern Australian to me.  Nevertheless the decor on the wall and the rustic look caught my eyes, I loved the use of timber and colours, apparently they were all reclaimed material.  We sat by the fire which kept us warm throughout our meals.  

I was excited about the food at Miss Perez, as they said they sourced everything locally, I was looking forward to some fresh amazing ingredients.  I opted for something light and it was on the specials board.  This was the carrot and coriander soup.  It was definitely amazing, the smell of fresh coriander and the creaminess of the carrot soup, how they married so well together.  It was served with toasted Turkish bread.  I started eating a slice of the Turkish bread and then noticed that there were spots of green on the next slice.  Oh no, I think it was mould, yes it was definitely mouldy bread.  We called the waitress over and showed her and she apologised and took the remaining slice of bread back to the kitchen.  Moments later she arrived back at our table, and offered us two more slices of Turkish bread.  By that stage I was a little reluctant to eat the bread.   

On the other hand, the peri chicken was a piece of maryland marinated with spices, somehow reminded me of the chicken from Nandos.  It was tasty though. 

What can i say about our experience at Miss Perez?  Great atmosphere...Well.. serving mouldy  bread was definitely unacceptable, chef didn't check his dishes.  I was very disappointed.  Even though they were all apologetic and offered us a discount, I walked out of the restaurant without a smile on my face that's for sure. 


Visit Miss Perez Kitchen & Bar2 Druid Avenue, Stirling, SA 5152 - 7225 0264

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Discount: ENTERTAINMENT BOOK - One complimentary main course for when another main course of equal or greater value is purchased.