There are more and more Japanese restaurants opening up in Adelaide.  Matsuri has been around for a long time. In fact it is probably one of the first I have ever been to.  It is located upstairs on Gouger Street closer to the West Terrace end.  You can choose to sit at the sushi bar or you can do it the Japanese style and take off your shoes to sit down in the traditional area. 

The agedashi tofu pieces were quite large.  The batter was very thin therefore was able to soak up the sauce that it was in.  Tasty and delicious.

The tempura was hot when it arrived at our table and it was served with a dipping sauce.  The batter was not chewy nor doughy, it was thin and just right.  You can definitely taste the sweetness of each vegetable.  It was really an unforgettable treat. 

If you enjoy sushi and sashimi then I recommend a 'Funamori', a range of sushi and sashimi served on a boat.  It is an item which is designed to share between a few people.  A nice way to have a taste of the different types of seafood.  Each piece of raw fish was evenly sliced.  They were fresh and certainly melted in my mouth.  Each element was presented nicely.  However I did find the sushi rice a little hard.  That was the only negative aspect about the boat.  

There are also hot dishes on the menu which we didn't end up getting this time.  The service was great throughout the night and everything arrived at our table in a timely manner.  We had an enjoyable night at Matsuri and will definitely return. 


Visit Matsuri - 167 Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - 8231 3494

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