2KW Bar and Restaurant

2KW Bar and Restaurant is located on the corner of North Terrace and King William street.  It is located on the top level, and therefore to enter you will need to take two sets of lifts.  First there was Jamie's Italian now there's 2KW Bar.  On Friday nights, there is always someone at the door downstairs.  If you haven't made a booking to dinner after a certain time, you may have to line up to get in.  

I have been here several times for casual drinks.  They offer an outdoor setting where you can sit or stand comfortably to chat and have a few drinks.  It is an open area, but there are plenty of fires to keep you warm.  Tonight we had a booking indoors for dinner.  We were welcomed by friendly staff member who offered to take the jackets for us.  The restaurant wasn't big but enough for a few tables and chairs.  There was an extensive wine list and the menu was tapas style and all dishes were designed to share.  

For entree we had the scallops which were from Hervey Bay.  The scallops were tender and sweet, and the smoked beef didn't overpower the natural taste of the scallops.  They tasted better than they looked. 

My favourite dish for the night was the mushrooms.  King brown mushrooms served with cauliflower, pickled garlic.  The little circle bits mixed in with the mushrooms were olive shortbread.  It was crunchy and lifted the dish to another level.  Sherry was used to drizzle on top of the mushrooms and cauliflower.  Delicious, I almost licked the plate clean! 

I was looking forward to the grilled octopus, however I was a little disappointed with the texture. It wasn't what I had imagined to be.  I loved the taste of the romesco sauce and the chorizo along side with the potatoes.  The octopus appeared to be a little mushy for my liking.   The serving for this dish was quite small, there were perhaps 5 small pieces of octopus? 

Half a roast duck was served, it sort of resembled a peking duck.  We were informed by the waitress that we could wrap the duck up with the lettuce.  Salad which consisted of carrot, snow pea tendril and walnut was served on the side.  I didn't quite like the ginger and pomegranate sauce which came with this dish.  I wasn't sure if it was half a duck either. 

The price for each dish was definitely on the pricier side or perhaps I expected too much and only got so little.  Mushrooms were my favourite tonight but all the other dishes were subpar.  I do admire the atmosphere and the service, they are in one of the top locations in the city.  All the food and drinks arrived at our table in a timely manner.  We chose to take the early session which meant that we had to be out by 8pm.  When we wanted to look at the dessert menu we were told that we had to be shifted because they needed the table back.  I saw a lot of empty tables at the time, so not quite sure what the rush was.  There was no one lining up outside.  This time we left without having any dessert.  Maybe one day I will go back and try the other dishes. 


Visit 2KW Bar and Restaurant - 2 King William Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8212 5511

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