Yue Chinese Restaurant

Siam Thai bistro on Unley Road has been replaced by a new Chinese restaurant called 'Yue Chinese Restaurant'.  There hasn't been a lot of advertisement for this restaurant and it was only by chance that I drove past Unley Road to discover that it existed.  The moment we walked into the restaurant we were welcomed by the friendly owner.  The menu consists of the dishes that you would normally see at a typical Chinese  restaurant.  In my personal opinion, there are probably only a handful of good Chinese restaurants in Adelaide.  Yue Chinese restaurant has been added to my list today.

The decor was simple, except the tables were a bit small.  As we all know Chinese food is usually designed to be shared, there wasn't enough room for a few plates on the table, it was a tight squeeze.  The other issue that was bothering me on the night was the choice of colour on the walls, because of the green colour and the light reflecting off the walls, it made everyone looked yellow.  

We shared a few dishes between the four of us.  The dishes took a little longer than expected.  Pork spare ribs in peking sauce, the pork was tender and well marinated.  The sauce was not too sweet, it was just right.  

Salt and pepper crab was one of the best I have had in Adelaide.  The batter was thin, crunchy and was not overly salty.  I could actually see and taste the crab.  Big thumbs up for this dish.   

Next was the Yue's special roasted chicken marinated in a special sauce, the skin was crispy and the meat was certainly tasty.  Half a chicken was definitely enough to share between a few people. 

Last but not least was the goat hot pot.  It was a special dish which the owner recommended as it is a seasonal dish.  It is only available in winter months.  Goat hot pot arrived in the form of a stew.  I watched the pot bubbling away, the aroma and flavours were altogether in that pot.  The succulent and tender pieces of goat just melted in my mouth...yum!!!  I certainly felt warm eating it. 

Yue Chinese restaurant is certainly a hidden gem in the burbs.  If you like authentic Chinese food, then I urge you to give this restaurant a go.  The friendly owner and her impeccable service throughout the night had made our experience an enjoyable one. 


Visit Yue Chinese Restaurant - 72 King William Road, SA 5061,  (08) 8373 3864

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