Bliss Organic Cafe

I have been wanting to visit Bliss Organic Cafe for a while now.  I have strolled past this cafe many times on my way to the beautiful Adelaide Central Market.  Today I finally made my way there.  The name of the cafe itself says a lot.  It is pretty and it is a cafe that offers organic produce.  Bliss Organic Cafe is located on a side street opposite the market.  From the front it doesn't resemble a cafe at all.  There are a couple of chairs and a sign which welcomes mothers and breast feeding.  In fact they even offer a free cup of tea to those mums.  What a clever idea! 

On entering the cafe, it was like walking into a home.  There were pictures hung up on the walls, and many books on the shelves.  There was a front seating area, a more private section if you desire, and even an outdoor secret garden at the back.  We were welcomed by a friendly staff member.  If you love your organic produce, this is the place to be. 

Now I normally don't drink soy coffees, maybe it is because I had a bad experience one time.  However by default they use soy milk, I thought I will give it another go as I wasn't sure about the  almond milk, coconut milk or even rice milk in a coffee.  Well to my surprise it wasn't too bad at all. 

There are plenty of slices to choose from, we chose an apple slice.  It didn't taste like apple at all, it certainly had a lot of seeds in it.  I liked it. 

My favourite item was on the menu, yes it is the acai bowl.  Yes I can eat this any time of the day.  It consisted of guarana and banana.  A deluxe muesli with seasonal fruit together and the chilled acai berries mixed in.  Brain freeze, it was cold but it was almost like a smoothie but you eat it with a spoon and in a bowl.  This was one of the best acai bowls I have had in Adelaide.  I loved every element of it. 

I also wanted to try something sweet, so opted for the bliss fruity pancakes.  I chose banana as my choice of organic fruit slices.  The pancakes were soft and warm, they were not doughy.  I loved the beetroot sauce on top, obviously a healthy option than to have the pancakes drenched in maple syrup.  The sweet nut sauce was put to the side.  A well executed breakfast.

There's truly something for everyone in Adelaide, vegans, vegetarians, healthy fitness people.  I like the idea of using organic and local produce.  There are more and more of these hipsters cafe popping up everywhere and there is definitely a market out there.   This is one cafe that was there before the trend exploded.

Visit Bliss Organic Cafe - 7 Compton Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8231 0205

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