Comida Catering Co.

How can you resist a yummy paella?

A work colleague has told me about this place in the Adelaide Central Market.  He had mentioned several times how good it was so I decided to try it out.  Directly outside Angelakis fish market is a stall called Comida Catering and Co.  There are limited seats inside the stall and a few seats right outside.  Friday and Saturday is when they are the most busy, as you will notice a paella cooking in the stall.  This is no ordinary paella, it is a giant paella.  You cannot miss it.  On Friday they cook paella from 1pm, 6pm and 7:30pm.  On Saturday the paella is available from 12:30pm.  If you don't get there half an hour or more to line up, you will not be able to get a seat.  However they do start to take orders even when people are lining up.  Therefore it's first in best serve.  There are always people lining up for the paella. 

Comida Catering Co. not only serves paella.  They have a few Spanish tapas from a selection of cured meats, duck liver to salads and bigger plates.  They also offer catering services as the name suggests.  We just couldn't keep our eyes off the boiling paella.  Freshly cooked in front of our eyes.  The chef tasted the paella and then it was time to serve customers.  

There were many people lining up for over 40 minutes for this gigantic paella dish.  Now I love paellas.  Chicken, chorizo, mussels, cauliflower, peas with bomba rice cooked in a giant dish.  The rice was cooked beautifully and all the ingredients were so fresh,  just like how a paella should be. Why not come down and try for yourself?   


Visit Comida Catering Co. - Stall 11, Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide, SA 5000 - 0421 883 375

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