Abbots and Kinney

Another pop up cafe has appeared in the heart of the Adelaide CBD.  Abbots and Kinney is located amongst business buildings on Pirie Street.  I wouldn't say parking is easy around that area.  When we arrived, it was very dark on the outside probably due to the tinted windows.  It is not a big cafe, the use of timber has made the cafe look extra modern.  The use of a communal table that runs down the middle was a smart idea.  Even though it only sits a dozen odd people.  There were also wooden benches on the side for people to stand and have a coffee or two.  

I loved the range of freshly baked pastries that Abbots and Kinney had to offer.  Given that I am a croissant fan, I had to get myself a pain au chocolat.  It was delicious, the pastry was flaky and it was just so fresh.  I am drooling just thinking about it. 

We stood near the bench, drank our coffee and ate our pastries.  The service was very friendly, and I am so glad that this cafe has opened up.  I can see myself going back here quite often. 


Visit Abbots and Kinney - 76 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - 0412 550 336