Kingdom Chinese Restaurant

I remembered this restaurant being called Neptune Palace, but it has had a name change for a while now.  The staff that approached us were very friendly.  We attended to dinner on a Friday night and being market late night shopping, you could imagine how busy it was.  Make sure you allow plenty of time for parking and make a booking to avoid any disappointment.  Now straight to the food, typical cantonese food.  This is not the first time we dined at this restaurant, it seemed that we would order something different every time. 

First up was a mixed plate of pork, it consisted of roast pork and BBQ pork.  Each piece was very evenly sliced.  The skin of the roast pork was crunchy and the meat was succulent and tasty.  The BBQ pork had been marinated with a honey based sauce and hence was sweeter than the roast pork.  BBQ pork was executed just how I like it. 

Next was lobster with ginger and scallions.  We picked the size of our lobster.  This was served with the thick egg noodles as the base.  The price for lobster has increased in every single restaurant that serves live lobster on Gouger Street apart from this one.  They have kept the price the same and so has the quality.  There were quite a few pieces of meat, and there was plenty of meat inside the shells of the legs.  I think it is a challenging recipe and therefore it was very well done. 

I would never say no to eating a fish.  This time it was a murray cod which was steamed and topped with fresh ginger and shallots.  It was cooked to perfection.  The fish arrived at our table and the waiter deboned the fish in front of us, well at least the major bones.  The sauce was hot soy sauce which was poured back over the meat.  Again, it was cooked to perfection, really couldn't fault this fish at all. 

To finish off we were given a special fruit platter, seemed like a lot of thought had been put into this.  What an excellent way to end off this meal! 

It wasn't a cheap meal, but the quality of food and the service was certainly up there.  There are only a hand full of good Chinese restaurants serving good seafood in Adelaide and this is one of them.  

Visit Kingdom Chinese Restaurant - 31 Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8123 6498

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