Rumi Palace

I stumbled upon this little restaurant while going to watch Jurassic World at the Hoyts cinema in Norwood.  The movie was amazing.  By the way bring back choc tops! 

Rumi Palace is on the right side as you enter into the cinema complex on the Parade, you cannot miss it as there are beautiful hanging lights, and the textile patterns on the walls.  It is a restaurant which offers Afghan and Persian food. 

We were welcomed by the friendly owner, and ordered some dips to share.  We picked the asparagus and avocado, beetroot and nectarine and the eggplant with chilli and garlic.  These were served with crunchy bread/ chips, It was like a homemade type of nachos to me.  They were crunchy and definitely spiced. 

Next was the Ash-e Reshteh which was a Persian noodle soup.  It was definitely too much for one person and enough to share between two people.  It was such a full bodied, hearty soup with onion, spinach, parsley, lentils, beans and a lot of spices.  It looked simple but I am sure a lot of effort had been put into this bowl of soup.  It was delicious, an amazing soup for a cold winters night. 

We were told by the owner that we had picked the two best combination of dishes on the menu.  As he would have chosen the same ones.  Eggplant and lamb shoulders.  There are special items on the menu daily and tonight was the lamb shoulders.  But I shall start with the eggplant first.  Borani Banjan, eggplant dish with onion, coriander, turmeric, and garlic.  The eggplant was cooked all the way through.  It pretty much melted in my mouth.  Yoghurt and mint were on a lot of dishes, I liked it. 

Next was the Quabei Uzbeki which was a traditional Afghan dish.  Hidden underneath the rice, carrots and raisins was the tender lamb shoulder.  This is actually called Quabeli Palaw.  The meat fell off the bone.  It was delicious! 

We had also ordered a traditional drink which was called Doogh - a yoghurt based drink seasoned mint.  The taste was rather unusual. 

There is nothing like this on The Parade.  I think this restaurant will be one that we will visit often before heading to the movies.  I liked expanding my culinary horizons.  

Great food - give this place a chance!  I nearly didn't come here but was glad I did. 

Visit Rumi Palace - 185 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067 - (08) 8331 2299

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