Paleo Cafe

I stumbled upon this cafe as I was driving down King William Road.  The orange in colour caught my eyes.  It is an open area with tables and orange chairs.  There is also seating upstairs.  Near the side entrance is a little stall if you wish to buy Paleo books and products.

Everyone talks about a Paleo diet, the so called caveman diet.  Paleo cafe is a chain whereby they have the philosophy to serve fresh, nutritious food and drinks to your table.  The menu consists of many plant based foods, free range eggs, local produce, lean proteins and a lot of fresh fruit, nuts.  The good thing is that everything served is 100% gluten free.  The food is not new to us, but in the past few years they have become extra popular as people are being more health conscious. 

You can be healthy and still enjoy delicious meals everyday!

Who said hot chocolate isn't healthy?  Well Paleo cafe's hot chocolate is made from raw cacao, honey and coconut milk.  All natural sugars, it is different to the normal hot chocolate that you get from other cafes.  You get used to it after taking a few sips.

I ordered a super smoothie, a green smoothie which consisted of kale, cucumber, mango, pear, lemon and coconut water.  I love my green juice, all the goodness in the glass. 

I am not a big fan of porridges, but this Paleo porridge really opened up my eyes.  It is an acai blueberry swirl with chia seeds, apple, dates and cinnamon.  This is one superfood bowl full of vitamins, fibre, omegas and loaded with antioxidants.  The blueberry swirl gave it the little extra sweetness.  It was definitely very enjoyable to eat. 

Caveman big breakfast consisted of veal and bacon sausage, bacon, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach with eggs cooked to your liking.  The bread that is served with the breakfast is no sour dough, it is gluten free bread which is sliced thinly.  The steak that comes with this breakfast was cooked to perfection, and just the right portion also.  There is no marinate on the steak either.  The tomato relish on the side did the job. 

I thoroughly enjoyed eating pulled pork with spinach in a spiced tomato sauce.  The shreds of pork were not chewy.  It was so tender and it worked perfectly with the tomato sauce.  The eggs were softly poached and sprinkled with turmeric dukkah.  A very amazing breakfast indeed. 

Last but not least, one of the specials was the portobello mushrooms which were roasted slightly.  Two free ranged eggs were softly poached topped with a delicious hollandaise sauce and along with some chopped hazelnuts.  The best part was the rosti which was made from sweet potato, naturally sweet and made crunchy.  Very good!

I am not sure why there are all these negative reviews about the Paleo Cafe.  I have been back twice in a matter of few days.  It has become one of my usual regular cafes to visit now.  All the food arrived quickly even when busy and the staff were ever so friendly, they would greet you as soon as you walk in and say goodbye to you when you walk out.  It is definitely a hidden gem in the prestigious suburb of Hyde Park. 

Visit Paleo Cafe - 183-185 King William Road, Hyde Park, SA 5061 - (08) 271 7002

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