Brunch at Astonish Patisserie

Astonish Patisserie is no longer just a dessert bar, it has a brunch option.  They are now open from 11 am to 2:30 pm, just not on Mondays.  Daisyum was invited to try their new savoury menu and all food and drinks were provided free of charge. 

I am an outdoor person, therefore even on a cool Winter's morning, with a bit of sunshine I like to sit outside.  The cafe doesn't look fancy.  In fact it was missing the look on the outside and not as inviting as I would like it to be.  The owner tells me that there will be pot plants, new tables and chairs outside. The inside decor will have lights added and an extension to the current kitchen.  I do love the idea. 

For those of you who know me, I love it when baked eggs is on the menu. The baked eggs here is slightly different to other cafes.  It is not in a clay pot and definitely not the same size.  It came in a mini pan served on a wooden board.  The baked eggs has ricotta, smoked paprika, and basil in a slightly spicy tomato relish.  The baguette slices on the side were crunchy.  It was perfect for me. 

Next was something from the bagel section.  Fresh slices of smoked salmon on top of a poppy seed bagel.  I have to praise their bagel as it was delicious!  A bit of crunch on the outside and chewy on the inside.  It was served with capers, chives together with cream cheese.  What a perfect combination?  I am excited to see what is next. 

Astonish's chicken wings were to die for.  They had been marinated for two days and with over 10 different ingredients.  They were absolutely finger licking good!! 

The 'in' thing at the moment is this 'shake me' salad.  I must say it was a pretty good idea.  Salads served in a mason jar, with salad dressing on the side.  On arrival, pour as much dressing as you like into the jar, close the lid and give it a good shake, there's your salad ready to eat.  You can either pour the salad out onto the bowl, or if you're like me, eat straight from the mason jar.  What a brilliant idea!  I had the roasted pumpkin, zucchini, and chick peas salad.  There were chia seeds, carrot cucumber in a citrous orange dressing.  I throughly enjoy this healthy option, however closer to the end, I could taste some bitterness, I presume it must be the citrous dressing.  

Last but not least, I had to try the slow cooked pulled pork burger.  The pork had been cooked for 6 hours and pulled apart, then put inside a home made soft brioche bun, together with coleslaw and smokey BBQ sauce.  What can I say?  Wow, the pork was cooked so well, it was not chewy, it was tender sweet.  The brioche bun was nice and soft.  

I do give credit for their home made bread and bun.  The creativity of the menu and the quality of the food was like it came out from a five star restaurant in hotel.  It is missing a vibrant atmosphere.  I hope they can keep the quality up when it gets busy.  I am looking forward to see how this develops.  It is definitely five daisies for food, take a daisy off for the atmosphere. 


Visit Astonish Patisserie - 393 King William Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8123 4646

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