Maid Mice

I am discovering a lot of hipster places in Adelaide.  Not far from the city located on Unley Road is an eatery called 'Maid Mice'.  The signage at the front says it is a cafe and lounge.  As soon as I walked in I think it was more of a restaurant than anything.  We were welcomed by the friendly owner, and seated down at the front of the restaurant.  

The owner was more than delighted to explain the menu to us, which was helpful.  A lot of the plates were designed to share.  They ranged from the Asian slaw, to noodles to burgers.  We had one of the specials that she recommended.  Salmon ceviche was delicious.  I preferred if it wasn't drenched in the sauce, but the combination of the wasabi mayo did give the salmon the extra zing. 

Next was a salad with our choice of grilled chicken.  The salad consisted of carrot, cabbage, herbs and nuoc cham dressing.  If you like fish sauce then this dressing is for you.  I do admire the grilled chicken as it was marinated rather well. The meat was chargrilled and succulent.

We also ordered the clay pot rice which consisted of chinese pork sausage, chicken, prawns and vegetables.  The rice was infused in a soy broth.  It lacked a little flavour, and I think it would have been better if the clay pot was hotter.  This would allow the rice to cook a little longer when it arrives at our table. 

A simple menu which ranges from Asian slaw to clay pot dishes showcasing Vietnamese cuisine with a modern twist.  There is also a feed me option where the chef puts together a menu to a few prices that suits your liking.  I have to say the service was amazing.  The owner was very inviting and made you feel at home.  I wouldn't mind coming back here to try out more from their menu. 


Visit Maid Mice - 50 Unley Road, Unley, SA 5061 - (08) 7226 8501

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