Lunch at Coriole

We made a stop at the Coriole Vineyard, located in McLaren Vale.  The original farm houses became the epicentre of the garden and the cellar door.  There is a beautiful garden at the front, and the back is the restaurant.  The menu at Coriole Restaurant is designed for sharing. 

We opted for the feed me option, and started off with some sourdough which was baked fresh, and drizzled with some Coriole olive oil.  The bread was soft, warm and delicious.  Those olives were just devine. 

To balance the next plate, we had a bottle of shiraz which is what Coriole is known for.  The amazing thing when dining at a winery is you know that for a $60 bottle of wine, it is actually worth that much.  Unlike restaurants in Adelaide or the big city's is they don't overprice the wine to add to their profit margin. 

Next was a little bit of truffle buttered duck liver parfait smudged onto a toasted piece of warm brioche bun.  It came with some baby cornichons and was a great combination.  I love my parfait so I licked the plate clean.  

I love the natural colours in my food and this plate definitely has the wow factor.  It was vibrant with colours, and was served cold but that didn't bother us.  I have never seen a beetroot other than a red one before.  Apparently these orange ones were Willunga beetroot.  I took a bite with the garnish and it was so fresh.  There was a bit of unusual taste.  In fact I was sure that I tasted crunchy chocolate bits.  I found out it was cocoa nib crumble, savoury and sweet.  What an interesting combination, hey it works! 

My favourite plate was the ocean trout.  Not only did this plate looked amazing, the texture, the taste, and the flavours were all there.  Cucumber was sliced thinly and was completed with fennel and some lime caviar dressing.  It really brought out the freshness of the ocean trout. 

I could smell garlic from the kitchen.  It was broccolini and garlic chips.  The sprouts on top were actually lentils.  I have never had lentils like this before, well never sprouting ones.  They were interesting, but very tasty.  The black garlic aioli on the plate took the dish to another level. 

Last but not least was the pork cheek with cauliflower.  Each bit of pork cheek was separated by thinly sliced granny smith apples.  The meat was soft and tender and full bodied.  The sauce was rich, however if there was one thing I could say about this dish, it would be the boudin noir where the pork cheek was rested on.  I am not a big fan of blood sausages.  

The dishes were complimented with some bitter leaves in a orange honey and mustard dressing. 

'Let us feed you' option for $59 was definitely worth it.  Coriole is open for lunch Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  If you are making a trip to McLaren Vale, I recommend a visit to Coriole.  Try their cellar door, taste some delicious olives and dine at the beautiful restaurant in front of the fireplace.  Then have a sip of their wonderful Shiraz, and it definitely won't take long to warm you up. 


Visit Coriole VineyardsChaffey Road, McLaren Vale, SA 5171 - (08) 8323 8305

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