Sushi Planet

Oh dear, I completely forgotten to blog about Sushi Planet.  Now for those of you who know me, Japanese is my favourite cuisine.  Thus when I found out there was a new sushi joint I was very excited.  I had made bookings on dimmi on separate occasions.  Upon entering the restaurant, we noticed a long communal table and separate tables near the window.  We were seated down at the table near the window.  The only thing that I disliked about it was that once the sun was about to set, and it didn't matter where we sat, the sun was in our eyes.  I guess it is partly because of the design of the wooden frames near the windows.  They were all vertical which allowed more light to come in.  The atmosphere was vibrant and the tables and chairs all had a contemporary feel to it.  There were no big tables, so if you have more than four people then you had to sit at the communal table.   There was also not much room between tables.  We could hardly move and the tables were not big either.  By the time the food came we had nowhere to put all the dishes. 

The way that the dishes were handed to waiters and waitresses to be brought to table was a little dangerous.  Some waitresses had to reach out by getting on their tippy toes to hold onto the plates.  The food also took a long time to arrive at our table.  This occurred a few times that we dined there. 

We munched on some edamame beans whilst we were waiting.  They have an open kitchen and we could see the staff working hard. 

Sashimi was fresh, it was presented nicely.  It consisted of kingfish, salmon, tuna, scallops and also tamagoyaki which is grilled egg with a sweet taste to it. 

We also tried a few skewers, unfortunately by the time they arrived at our table, they were not very hot in temperature.  They were average. 

We weren't sure what sushi to have, so we ordered the deluxe sushi set.  It was good because we got to try a mixture of everything.  This ranged from salmon nigiri to some hand rolls.  A great way to try the different sushi varieties.  I could tell that each sushi was made and plated to perfection. 

We also tried the crispy prawn rolls, Alaska roll with salmon and cream cheese, crispy chicken rolls, quinoa rolls and the list went on.  As you can imagine we had absolutely no room on our table to fit all these.  All the sushi were well executed and looked how they were described on the menu.  I did find the rice was a little too soft for my liking. 

If you haven't got time to dine in at Sushi Planet, perhaps you may want to try their delivery services!  Now you can't miss their cars! 

Sushi planet is nothing like your everyday sushi train restaurant.  It is a contemporary and classy eating place where you can enjoy a great range of sushi and sashimi.  Would I go back?  Yes I would definitely go back, as I believe they would have sorted out their service issues by now. 


Visit Sushi Planet - 60 West Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000 - 1800 787 447 

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