Marryatville Pizza Pan

The best pizza in the Adelaide eastern suburb's - yes you heard me!  This place is located on Kensington Road directly opposite the Marryatville hotel.  There was nothing fancy about this restaurant, in fact it looks more like a take away pizza place than anything.  However once you go past the simple surroundings and sit down to look at the menu, you will be opening your eyes.  The restaurant seats approximately 20 odd people, so I'd advise making a booking in advance.  

The menu offers a wide range of options, ranging from the traditional pizzas to the more gourmet ones.  There are also pasta plates with difference sauces.  The best thing about the menu is that each ingredient is listed on the menu, including ones in the pasta sauce.

They offer a range of sizes ranging from medium to party size.  We ordered two large pizzas to share.  It is amazing that the restaurant caters for people like me whom can't make up my mind and want to try a bit of everything.  You can split flavours on a pizza, e.g. half of one and half of the other.  There is no extra cost to do this.  First up was the bbq chicken and the seafood pizza.   

Next was the pizza from the gourmet option, satay chicken and portofino. 

Both pizza bases were crunchy, and the toppings were fresh.  All slices were finger licking good.  

Another highlight of the night was the pasta dish.  Penne siciliana which consisted of marinated eggplant in a tomato based sauce.  It was not oily, together was served with pickled chilli on the side.  It was pretty amazing. 

Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.  We left the restaurant feeling content. 

They also offer take away and delivery.  The only downside is that they are not opened on Tuesdays.  I recommend dining in, as by the time you take it home it loses some crunch.  Imagine the crunchy dough with your favourite juicy toppings.  Delicious!!  Marryatville Pizza Pan is truly a hidden gem in the burbs.  If you are a pizza fan, then I strongly recommend you to try it.  I give it the thumbs up. 


Visit Marryatville Pizza Pan - 236 Kensington Road, Marryatville, SA 5068 

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