I was pretty excited when I found out that Papparich was coming to Adelaide.  I have been to the one in Melbourne several times and every time it had been very pleasant.  Papparich has fully replaced Cafe Kowloon and it is situated on the busy Gouger Street.  They do not allow bookings, therefore it's one of those restaurants where you have to line up outside, first in first served.  The waiting time can range from 15 to 45 minutes, so I suggest you go early and allow plenty of time to wait for a table.  

Colourful menus were given to us, and pictures were definitely for reference only.  Sometimes the pictures were a little deceiving.  If you have never had Malaysian Cuisine before then the pictures will give you a guide of what to order.  It is pretty much self serve.  You mark down the quantity that you would like to order and put it on a piece of paper before giving to a waiter or a waitress.  There is an option to press a button if you wish to ask for service too.  

We ordered Kopi C - a coffee drink and Teh Tarik which is pull tea, they were both drinks that you would find in Malaysia. 

Next was the sambal prawns, eggplant with rice and fried chicken.  This plate was a little disappointing. It was nothing like the picture on the menu.  The chicken lacked flavours and the sambal was nothing like that of what I had in Malaysia.  To be honest I didn't like it. 

I did enjoy eating the satay chicken and beef on a stick.  The satay sauce was delicious.

One of Papparich's specialty is the prawn mer, a bowl of noodles with prawns in a rich dark soup. I guess I had my hopes too high for this dish.  There were little noodles and there was nothing special about the broth.  The serving was small. 

I love my roti canai and ordered the one with tandoori chicken and beef rendang to try out.  For the price, I thought there should have been two pieces of roti canai for each plate.  By the time the roti arrived at our table it was just warm.  The chicken was very dry, but the beef rendang was rich and tasty.  I would pick the beef over the chicken. 

For dessert, it was shaved ice with nuts, grass jelly, sweet corn and red beans on top.  It looked like a very rushed dessert.  Again it did not resemble the picture in the menu.  

I am not sure if I like Papparich in Adelaide as much as I would have liked to.  The problem with these chains is that there is a lot of hype and they are missing food quality.  We left feeling a little disappointed and very thirsty. 


Visit Papparich - 116 Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 7225 9991

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