La Madeleine

La Madeleine is the name of a cafe located on The Parade in Norwood.  The cafe is as beautiful as it sounds.  It hasn't been opened for very long.  The friendly waitress told me they are still waiting for the sign to be put up.  There is a little board right outside the cafe with some beautiful flowers at the front.  For those of you whom have been to Paris before, you would know that the outdoor seats at the cafes there all face out onto the streets.  Well La Madeleine have some comfortable seats outdoors, and it is a lovely way to watch the cars or on weekends groups of riders ride by.  Oh sure, you could move the chairs around if you want to create a more conversation friendly environment but for us we were side by side and were enjoying the views and absorbing the sunshine.  There were also seats indoors if you prefer. 

The coffee was beautifully smooth and most importantly the milk wasn't burnt. 

La Madeline offers a range of all day breakfasts, croissants, homemade bread, in house museli, quiches, crepes, omelettes and the list goes on.  I wanted to try the bakery section the most, as I solely miss the yummy croissants that I had in Paris.  The good thing about this cafe is that they bake everything fresh on the spot.  I had to order the almond croissant, it was crunchy and just like the ones in Paris. 

We also tried their omelettes and quiches.  The vegetarian omelette consisted of mushrooms, zucchini ad capsicum, the eggs were were nice and fluffy.  It was also served with a salad and homemade ratatouille on the side. 

The quiche that I picked with the Lorraine was with ham and cheese, it was also executed very well. 

Well I am excited that another Parisian cafe has opened up and it is on The Parade.  The staff were extremely friendly and the food was like homemade.  They have a great range of patisseries and pies, I can't wait to go back and try some of their crepes, which looked very tempting.  One of the best things is that breakfasts are served all day, 7 days a week.  Whether you are a morning or afternoon person you can always come here and enjoy a taste of Paris's patisserie. 


Visit La Madeleine - 246 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067 - 0430 300 638

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