Mövenpick is a dessert chain that has a lot of stores around Australia, it was first created from the finest restaurants in Switzerland.  I remembered going to the one in Melbourne last time and I had wished that we had one in Adelaide.  Yes my dream has come true.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend the opening launch, however Billy and Vanessa were kind enough to send me a voucher so I could taste some of my favourite swiss ice-cream. 

The best thing about having desserts is that you can always go with a group of people so you can share and have a bit of everything. 

I ordered the tasting plate, picked three of my favourite flavours which was espresso croquant, coconut and swiss chocolate and rum raisin.  Three scoops were seated in a crunchy basket,  these three combination was definitely a special delight.  The ice-cream was so smooth, and the best rum raisin ice-cream I've had. 

The nut waffle arrived with hazelnut - yes that's one of the best flavours, along with macadamia ice-cream.  The waffle was not as crunchy as I expected to be, it was drizzled with a rich caramel sauce and nuts sprinkled on top.  


I guess we shouldn't have had a big dinner before going to Mövenpick, we were quite full and therefore could only just fit in two desserts.  Just looking at the colourful pictures on the menu I think I need to go back and sample more, one at a time. 


Visit Mövenpick - 6 Leigh Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8211 6899

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