Pepper Lunch

Another franchise store in Adelaide, the idea of this one is from Japan.  The store's logo somewhat reminds me of the chula chup's logo.  It is a DIY restaurant, where the food is served half cooked and you finish it yourself on a sizzling hot plate.  We are talking about 260 degrees celsius.  It remains hot for a while so you can cook the meats to your liking, very similar to the Korean's bibimbap. 

We ordered the traditional sliced beef with pepper rice.  The beef was thinly sliced.  We mixed the corn, spring onion and the pepper up to allow the rice to cook for a little longer, I do like the crunchy rice.  The beef was very tasty, the whole dish in general was not bad. 

One person in our group had the chicken one, the ingredients were essentially the same, just that the beef was replaced with slices of chicken. 

I must say this was the first time I had sukiyaki on a hot sizzling plate, I would have liked a little more udon noodles and perhaps not so soft.  My chicken was very nice, just that the noodles turned out soggy.  The beef was equally the same. 

The portions for each dish were small, well definitely smaller than the pictures shown on the menu.  The price for each dish was acceptable, pretty much all under $15 and for a few dollars more, you could have a side dish like miso soup, chips, or salad and a drink.  Well, Pepper Lunch gave me the impression of a Korean BBQ restaurant, be prepared that you may come out of the restaurant smelling of food, so perhaps you may want to wear clothes that you are going to wash.  Yes I think I will go back to try out some more of their other items. 


Visit Pepper Lunch - 82 Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8211 8838

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