This trendy looking cafe is located in South Melbourne.  It is a quite small cafe and you probably won't take much notice of it when you are walking pass.  However it is a pretty cool cafe, it is cosy, vibrant and I guess you can say hipster.  The seats inside the window and the settings looked very inviting. 

The service was great and the coffee was excellent too.  The breakfast menu was simple but there was a great range to choose from.  All items on the menu looked healthy to me. 

I opted for the mushrooms as I love my mushies.  They came out in a big bowl in lemon juice with herbs.  It was served with asparagus and poached eggs.  The mushies were absolutely devine, they were just so flavoursome.  I cut through the runny egg yolk and onto the mushrooms.  I even used the bread to lick up the juices, omg it was to die for.  

There are outdoor tables with milk crates if you prefer to observe the sunshine.  Giddiup is a pretty neat cafe and excellent service, there are plenty of smiles about.  Giddiup!! 


Visit Giddiup - 269 Conventry Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3025 - (03) 9682 8820

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