Hahndorf Cellar Door Stroll

Hahndorf is an iconic location in South Australia.  It is within a 30 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD.  It has changed in the past few years, with a lot of things to see and do.  Thanks to Adelaide Food Central, and Hahndorf tourism, we were lucky enough to be invited to spend a day up at Hahndorf.  We visited some wineries, cheese factory and discovered some of the nicest wineries and amazing food.  

Hahndorf Hill Winery

This is a part of Hahndorf that I have never been to, and never knew existed.  Stepping out of the bus it was like 'wow', stunning architecture with a balcony looking over the vineyards.  We were welcomed by Marc from Hahndorf Hill Winery.  We were lucky to sample the Chocovino experience.  Here we got to learn where chocolates originated from, the way to eat chocolate properly and of course to appreciate chocolate with both red and white wine.  I got to drink the world's most purest water, ate the world's most expensive chocolate - Chuao.  It certainly opened up my eyes, I never knew there was so much theory behind it.  Chocolate and wine are two of my favourite things, I must say I have walked away Hahndorf Hill Winery with a valuable lesson. 


Visit Hahndorf Hill Winery - 38 Pains Road, Hahndorf, SA 5245 - (08) 8388 7512

Scott & La Prova


The next few places that I am going to take you through will be walking distance from each other, this is actually very handy.  Scott and La Prova is a slightly smaller cellar door with funky decorations and groovy tunes.  The owner Sam Scott has a collection of Italian Varieties.  The grapes are grown here and by trial and error, he has developed some amazing wines.  We were offered a wine flight, started off with a light Prosecco to some Sangiovese.  These were matched with some cracker and goats cheese.  My favourite one was the La Prova 2014 Rosso which was sold out.  I guess I will have to come back.   


Visit Scott and La Prova - 102 Main Street, Hahndorf, SA 5245 - (08) 8388 7330

Udder Delights

You cannot miss this place - Udder Delights.  This was literally across the road from Scott and La Prova.  This is where we stopped for lunch.  We were greeted by the friendly owners - Saul and Sheree.  After a brief introduction they sat down and had lunch with us.  Over the most amazing cheese fondue, we were told of their amazing life story of how the business came about and the history behind it. The cheese fondue was absolutely amazing, two different types of cheese - Emmentaler and Gruyère cheese.  It resembled bubbling molten cheesy lava, and we dipped morsels and broke off bits of the freshly baked baguette into it.  OMG!  It was like a cheese heaven.  We even got to try the burnt bits, where Saul had to scrap off the pot for us, it was liquid gold. 

We not only got to eat cheese and drink apple cidar, we were also lucky enough to try their raw blue cheese, the most expensive blue cheese which are very limited.  Each box has an individual number.  I must say I have never been a big fan of blue cheese, perhaps due to its pungent smell but this one was very easy to eat.  We were told to eat the cheese with a bit of spanish tortas and pear, to finish with a sip of their home brew port.  What an excellent way to finish off a meal. 

I think Udder Delights are very successul, they have had 17 years of business and won tourism awards Hall of Fame three years in a row.  They have done very well.  We do like our cheese. 


Visit Udder Delights - 91 Main Street, Hahndorf, SA 5245 - (08) 8388 1588


Right next to Scott and La Prova was Rockbare cellar door.  I don't recall coming here in the past but I do recognise their bottles.  More wine tasting ranging from sparkling Pinot Noir which was light and Alta sauv blanc for some easy drinking.  Mojo moscato was light, as the alcohol contact was half of all the other bottles, making it very easy to drink, perfect on a summers day.  We finished off with a sticky wine.  Yummy. 



Visit Rockbare - 102-104 Main Street, Hahndorf - SA 5245 - (08) 8388 7155

Bendbrook Wines and Beef

Back across the road was Bendbrook Wines and Beef which is a new Cellar door that has opened up.  John slowly took us through the wines that were currently available for tasting.  To accompany our wine, we were given crunchy baguette with delicious wagyu beef.  The beef was tender and very juicy, matched so well with the 2013 Goat Track Shiraz.  That bottle was certainly my favourite.  We were also offered the sparkling shiraz that hasn't been bottled yet, a nice way to clean our palate before going to our final destination for the day. 


Visit Bendbrook Wines and Beef - 79 Main Street, Hahndorf, SA 5245 - (08) 8388 9773

Somerled Wines

Last but not least we arrived at Somerled Wines.  Lucy told us a bit about the history behind Somerled whilst her mum Heather brought out a Spanish platter which consisted of Manchego cheese, local bread, olives, figlets and anchovy sticks.  I loved the cheese and the anchovy sticks -  definitely a winner.  I learnt that the grapes for their wines are scattered, some from Adelaide hills, others from McLaren Vale.  My favourite was the 2012 shiraz, this was Robin's shiraz, it was very similar to the Penfolds Grange.  That was because Robin used to work for Penfolds.  To me that glass was some super wine.  Unfortunately the wines are not that easy to get, they are pretty exclusive.  They have a premium reserve shiraz which was not for tasting.  It looked very impressive.  


Visit Somerled Wines - 89 Main Street, Hahndorf, SA 5245 - (08) 8388 7478

We discovered so many new places to come back to, so see you all in Hahndorf!