Vietnamese Laundry

What used to be a laundromat has been replaced with a trendy eatery called Vietnamese Laundry.  Owners Alex and Tin have kept the original decor to incorporate into their dream restaurant.  All the recipes were from Tin as she is Vietnamese and she wished to bring her traditional recipes from home to share with us all.  A month ago I was invited to a zomato meet up amongst with other food bloggers to enjoy some delicious food and drinks at this place.  All food and drinks were provided free of charge on the night. 

Vietnamese Laundry is not a big restaurant, but it is enough for a cosy fit for approximately twenty people.  There is an open kitchen with some interesting decor and there was funky music which kept going all night. 

On arrival, we were offered a couple of signature cocktails.  One was a lychee cocktail which I thought was slightly sweet.  I preferred the 'pho' cocktail which consisted of lemongrass and coriander.  They were very refreshing. 


We were also introduced to their pho tasting cup, this was just a taste of the broth that is used for their beef noodle soup - pho.  It was definitely very flavoursome.  We were also told that the soup base takes quite a long time to make.  I am interested to try the pho on their pho nights on Thursdays. 

The mussels arrived on a chopping board and were presented nicely.  They were absolutely devine, drizzled in spring onion oil and crunchy peanuts.  Mussels couldn't get any better.

Next was one typical Vietnamese dish, roast pork and lemon grass chicken, rather than having rice paper, we were offered lettuce cups to wrap the meats around.  Both the pork and chicken were marinated well and a great opener to more delicious food to come. 

In between the entree and the main course, we were offered iced tea, this was no ordinary iced tea, it was strong alcoholic iced tea?  Yes please just leave the pot with us. 

Last but not least, the tasting platter to share.  Where shall I start?  Perhaps the pork ribs, they were delicious, the meat was succulent and had been caramelised with a special sauce.  The meat fell off the bone.   How about the soft shell crabs?  They were served inside a crunchy cup, very similar to fried wonton skin, a little spicy.  Then there was prawns on a skewer covered with young coconut flakey rice, the whole skewer was eatable, yes you heard me that included the head as well.  Apparently it was a delicacy in Vietnam, therefore I decided to give it a try.  It was not bad.  Once I got past the head part I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I admire that they didn't change the recipe to westernise it.  There were also steamed buns served with tender meat in the middle. All the ingredients married very well together, and they were quite filling too.  I couldn't stop munching on the lotus chips off the side. 

We finished off our night with a fresh fruit platter. 

We had a wonderful night at the Vietnamese Laundry, a night filled with laughter and meeting  new people.  We could tell that Alex and Tin had put a lot of effort into this restaurant.  I know they are working on a dessert and a breakfast menu which I am looking forward to try. 

On a side note, we were impressed enough to go back another night to try out some more dishes.  We had the quail which was marinated with a lot of spices.  They were quite sour and chilli but absolutely delicious.   The other dish we ordered was the spicy beef salad.  There was so much beef on the salad, the size serving was actually quite generous.  This time, when we walked into the restaurant, we sat down and no one served us until 10 minutes later.  It was not busy that night. 

The food is pretty good but the service could be improved.  I do commend that the owners have put in a lot of effort to make this work using traditional dishes. 


Visit Vietnamese Laundry - 152 Sturt Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - 0430 425 615

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