Urban Duck

There are more Chinese restaurants opening up in the Eastern suburbs.  Urban Duck has opened up amongst a group of eateries on Glynburn Road.  The restaurant itself sits around 50 people with a private function room at the back.  Modern design with dimmed lights attracted us for a visit.  They also have outdoor seating under umbrellas.  

I wasn't sure why the restaurant was called Urban Duck, perhaps it specialises in duck dishes.  Yes I was right, the first page of the menu for the main courses consisted of duck, the common ones you would have in a Chinese restaurant.  There were also fish and other meats on the menu.  We opted for the Peking Duck.  I must say when it arrived at our table, we were a little disappointed.  The pancakes most looked like they were pre bought and heated up slightly.  There was certainly half a duck on the plate, however they were not crispy skin, but big chunks of meat.  Now to my understanding, the meat should be thin, skin should be crispy and the authentic versions of this dish should be served mostly the skin and little meat.  Also should be sliced in front of the diners by the cook.  Clearly this didn't happen.  The cucumbers were sliced a little too thick, and spring onions were also given to put in the pancake.  It should have been a different type of scallion.   The left over meat should be served in a second or third course.  Umm.. I am not sure about the Peking duck here.....

Moving on was the beef on a sizzling plate, it was cooked in a black pepper sauce.  The meat was tender and thoroughly an enjoyable dish to eat. 

My favourite was the king prawns in hot pot with vermicelli.  There were definitely a lot of prawns in the pot.  The vermicelli at the bottom soaked up all the flavours and it was extremely tasty. 

Seasonal vegetables was chinese broccoli with ginger sauce.  There were some chewy pieces of the stems on this plate, and whilst I usually love the natural flavours of the broccoli, it was covered with a slightly thick cornflour ginger sauce.  

The service was good, and apparently if you book online, you will automatically receive 25% off your total bill, but with maximum of $30.  Overall, the chinese food at Urban Duck to me is not so authentic, or maybe I had my hopes up too high.  Afterall, they are a fusion chinese restaurant.   I believe their quality of food is fresh and as they advertised with no added msg.  


Visit Urban Duck - Shop 8, 161-167 Glynburn Road, Firle, SA 5072 - (08) 8361 3220

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