Stamps Restaurant

We stumbled upon this restaurant on tripadvisor one night.  It is located in a tranquil suburb of Mitcham.  It is right next to the old post office hence it's called the Stamps restaurant.  It still has the old heritage front, timber doors.  They offer a two or three course menu at a very reasonable price.   $65 for three courses on Mondays and $45 and $55 for three course on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Monday you can even bring your own bottle.  Now where can you find this in Adelaide?

I apologise in advance for the quality of these photos, I will blog about this place again.  I just wanted to share with you all the amazing food at this restaurant.  

We were offered salmon and rocket tarts for appetisers.  They were delicious, a great start to our three courses of food to come.

For entree, we ordered the Stamps pie, meat cooked in a stew inside a crunchy and thin puffed pastry.  It was delicious!

I couldn't get past the scallops on the menu, the belly was pressed and scallops were seared to perfection.  It was served with black pudding.  To my surprise the black pudding when combined with pear and rhubarb was delightful to eat. 

The entrees were actually quite big in size, we took a break before the main course came.  One of us ordered the free range chicken and the other ordered the lamb rump.

The chicken was stuffed with porcini mushrooms, the breast meat was tender.  Pancetta gave it the extra saltiness, carrots were truffled and the pea sauce just married all the ingredients together.  

When the lamb rump arrived at the table, I could smell the aromas and all the different spices.  It was served with round balls.  They were chickpea fritters which had been heavily spiced.  They were amazing!!!  

Now for desserts, we had bread and butter pudding.  I hadn't seen it served like this ever before.  I think they have definitely fine tuned this dessert.  Quince and blueberries - the right amount of sweetness. 


The best looking dessert award goes to the baked custard served with puffed rice.  Not only did this dessert looked amazing, but the consistency of the custard was faultless.  Coconut and kaffir lime sprinkled just topped the dessert off.  I can have this everyday. 

I think the chefs at Stamps Restaurant should be very proud.  Do not overlook this restaurant.  The food that comes out of this kitchen is definitely five daisies.  I will be back......


Visit Stamps Restaurant - 12 Welbourne Street, Mitcham, SA 5062 - (08) 8272 8815

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