Woohoo, I am ecstatic that O'Connell Street has opened up Cliche - The Wonderful Winkler Gallery.  There is simply nothing like this in Adelaide, and they have smartly incorporated art into a restaurant and bar.  As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly staff member.  There were huge paintings on the walls.  The interior decorations were quite interesting, I loved the lights and my favourite was the up side down tree light hanging down from the ceiling.  

This restaurant used to be called D’Artagnan, and I never knew how big the restaurant was.  Apparently there is another level upstairs with an outdoor dining area. 

The menu was quite simple, on one piece of A3 size paper and pretty straight forward.  Needless for any explanation, I am not sure if it's because I have been to France before that I understood the names of each item.  

The food arrived within ten minutes of ordering.  The french bread was actually very nice to eat, but there was only one for each person.  It would have been nice to have more in the bag for sharing.  

I would recommend sharing a few entrees to begin with, they are nice size dishes.  Escargots were a must for me, as they were presented beautifully.  I could smell the garlic butter straight away.  They were absolutely delicious.  We finished them in no time. 

My favourite was the Crepes Aux Langoustine.  The crepe was filled with lobster and prawns, together with chives, parsley and spiced cream.  I think I licked the pot clean, it was simply one of the best crepes I have ever had.  If you have nothing else on the menu, I highly recommend that you try this dish.  It was a gastronomical delight. 

Bardot's rack was the lamb rack with herb crust, carrot puree and confit cherry tomatoes.  There was a lot meat on the rack and it was pink inside, perfectly tender.  The sauce was just devine. 

I don't normally order spatchcock when I dine out as I am always too scared that it might be overcooked.  Well not this one, the spatchcock was marinated so well that on its own it was delicious and very tender.   The whole dish was presented nicely.  The bird's nest was crunchy and it had a quail egg sitting in it.  

We also had the monet's garden on the side with our main courses. 

We pretty much ordered the dessert straight away after the main course.  I couldn't wait to see what there was to come.  Around twenty minutes later, the soufflé arrived at our table.  It was hot in temperature, and was puffy just the way I like it.  I could taste the lemon inside and the custard was amazing.  I really want to try the dark chocolate one, however it wasn't on their menu this time. 

I just had to take a picture of the upside down tree right above our heads.  

This is one of those places that I think I will keep coming back to.  The prices are reasonable.  One thing that I thought they could improve on would be the service.  It seemed like the service was a little slow despite the number of staff on the floor.  I have really enjoyed my experience tonight and I can't wait to go back and try some more from their menu. 


Visit Cliche - 26 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, SA 5006 - (08) 8267 4083

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