Koko Black

I have finally had time to visit Koko Black in the Adelaide Arcade.  This time we were invited to sample their Summer Oasis menu.  We went upstairs and Brianna kindly introduced us to the Summer Oasis menu.  She mentioned three items that stood out from the menu so we thought we'll try her recommendations. 

I also ordered coffee affogato and a machiatto coffee together with my desserts.  I was admiring all the chocolates behind us on the glass wall shelves.  Next minute Brianna brought a plate of dark chocolate for us to share.  How wonderful, I love my dark chocolate. 

The first item on the menu was the salted caramel iced chocolate.  I took a little sip, yum yum.  I could taste the caramel, and the salt in this drink.  Salt and caramel always work well in conjunction with each other.  It is a delicious drink - definitely a winner. 

The second dessert was a mango and vanilla ice-cream spectacular.  It consisted of two scoops of vanilla ice-cream on top a bed of crunchy coconut crumble.  A separate warm mango coulis on the side where you can pour over the ice-cream. This is one dessert that I would like to eat during summer.  Check out the vibrant colours.  I guessed this dessert would be a great seller in summer, and I was right.  Brianna told us that this item is one of the popular ones in store.

They say always save the best for last, well we did.  This was the chocolate hazelnut cluster.  I am a big dark chocolate and hazelnut fan, and this dessert had both.  For those of you with a sweet tooth, this brownie is definitely the one for you.  It consisted of milk chocolate caramel which was chewy and a lovely chocolate spread.  Dark chocolate coated hazelnuts were on top of the brownie.

Well it was definitely one of the richest afternoon teas I have had for a while.  Thanks very much for Koko Black and Be known for the invite.  I had a wonderful time, now to all my readers, get in quick and indulge your tastebuds to the Summer Oasis menu as it is for a limited time only. 


Visit Koko Black - Shop 50-52 Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8223 4890

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