Sean's Kitchen

I am finally back from my wonderful break, so therefore time to get back into my food blogging.  Just before I went on holidays I visited the most talked about restaurant in the whole of Adelaide CBD, yes you got it.  It's Sean's Kitchen right underneath the Adelaide Skycity Casino.  You can't miss it if you come up the railway station.  I do remember this restaurant being called 'North'.  Then it closed down, and I was wondering what was going to be opened next.  I first learnt about Sean from Channel 7's TV show.  An award winning New Zealand chef whom loves to visit other countries to try out different recipes, then bring them home and show case our local produce. 

I walked by the tables and chairs outside and my first impression of Sean's Kitchen was brilliant.  The pot plants put at the front entrance of the restaurant were very inviting. I couldn't wait to walk into this fine modern establishment.  The restaurant was very spacious with high ceilings.  It was just comfortable sitting there.  The staff were very friendly and food was delivered in a timely manner.  

Some bacon and eggs to begin with, now these weren't the normal bacon that we have at other cafes.  They were super crunchy and very yummy.

We chose the dark rye bread with boiled egg, I normally don't eat dark rye at all.  Not sure if it's colour or what, but after eating these slices I think I may change my mind.  They were crunchy outside and soft inside.  Fantastic bread!


My favourite was the gypsy eggs with chorizo and beans.  In fact I can say that it's one of the very best in Adelaide.  It looks very simple but I could taste all the different spices in this dish.  The yolks were runny and beans were immersed in a tomato based sauce, there was a hint of chilli but not too spicy.  I was able to dip the crunchy bread into this bowl.   Most importantly, there was not a drop of oil left over at the end.  A lot of breakfast places that serve baked eggs have a lot of oil in the bottom of the pots. 

We had a little tour around the restaurant.  One of the chefs was preparing for their lunch menu. She was getting seafood out and putting them onto ice.  It looked rather amazing.  All the prosciutto's were hung upstairs like a museum.  I looked at the tags and they were from all over the world. 

I only tried the breakfast menu this time, and I do recommend it.  I can't wait to taste some of the dinner items.  I love my seafood!   There are some pricy items on there too... like the Oscietra Caviar. 


Visit Sean's Kitchen - Sky City Casino, Station Road, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8218 4244

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