Nghi Ngan Quan

This restaurant is hidden in the back streets of a suburb called Ferryden Park.  You have to park along the streets.  Yes it is that busy.  I would advise making a booking if you don't want to be disappointed. 

We started off with a cool custard apple drink.  Yes how cute were the spoons?  We also ordered the three coloured bean drink, although they said it was a dessert... I still like it. 

Prawn cold rolls, one of the most simple Vietnamese foods.  Full of prawns and fresh ingredients inside.  Iloved the peanut sauce that went with it as well. 

They were very generous with their condiments, plenty of sprouts, mint, basil, and most importantly chilli.  There were literally two big plates which were enough to share between eight people.  

Mum wanted something different instead of 'pho',  the duck was obviously pre cooked in a special spice mix.  Unless you like the herbal type of smell, the spices in the soup was way too strong for me. 

We had different types of Pho, rare beef, chicken and sliced beef.  The noodle soup came in different sizes, small, large and extra large with a dollar difference between each.  The noodles were soaked in quite a light broth - very tasty though.  I guess my eyes were bigger than my tummy.  Large size was still too big for me, but the best value out of all of them. 

A lot of people who enjoy Vietnamese food have raved on about this place.  I have been several times.  Each time I have left the restaurant satisfied.  If you enjoy cheap, good quality Vietnamese food, then I suggest this place for you.  Best vietnamese in Adelaide.


Visit Nghi Ngan Quan - Shop 4/34 Wright Street, Ferryden Park, SA 5010 - (08) 8244 6003

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