Ancient Viet

We drove past this restaurant a few times and we thought we will give it a go.  We were welcomed by a friendly girl who had trainee written on her badge.  We were seated at a table for four, although there were only two of us.  We didn't mind, but it wasn't long before the girl got told off by another staff member and we were asked to shift to another table.  The restaurant had gone under renovation as the TV was playing the before and after pictures continuously.  It got a little busy throughout the night, and the food was taking a long long time. When we looked around the restaurant, everyone was waiting for their food.  The menu was on the pricier side, and for the price I expected some high quality Vietnamese food.  

One of the specials was soft shell crab, for $26.90 we got one crab, the salad took up most of the plate.  I took one bite of the crab, and I had to spit it back out, all I could taste was a lump of salt.  It was unbelievably salty, it was so bad that I couldn't even swallow it.  I thought it was maybe the leg that was salty, so I tried another part of the crab and it was exactly the same. 

I made a complaint to one of the waitress, and at first she didn't quite understand, next minute she came back and asked me to swap to something else on the menu, no apology what so ever. 

The seafood hotpot had very little seafood, perhaps just a couple of pieces of squid, couple of prawns and a couple of mussels.  It was very sweet.  We also had steamed rice, a small bowl for $3.  

In general, everything on the menu was expensive.  Food took a long time to arrive, and the bill never came when we asked for it.  After another reminder, it finally arrived.  It was rather expensive and this was one dinner that I was not impressed with.  On top of all that we were quite thirsty after the dinner.  I don't think I will be back in a hurry.  There are plenty of Vietnamese restaurants in Adelaide that deliver cheaper and better quality of food.  


Visit Ancient Viet - 287-291 Glen Osmond Road, Glenunga, SA 5064 - (08) 8338 1568

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