Etica : Ethical Pizzeria e Mozzarella Bar

This restaurant is tucked away on Gilles Street.  I think without the sign at the front I would have completely missed it.  There was a long line up for this restaurant.  Unfortunately you cannot book this restaurant.  I have heard mixed reviews for this restaurant and twice I have been now, Each time the line up was longer than the first.  It is not a particularly big restaurant, with a few outdoor tables and indoors.  The decor on the inside was pretty cool.  There were even seats around the table facing the kitchen.  Yes it was an open kitchen, so we could see everything that the chef was making. 


There was a handmade wood oven at the front of the restaurant.  A big gigantic heater inside the restaurant.  It was very hard not to stand there and watch the action.  I saw the chef kneading the dough, rolling it out, putting ingredients on the pizza dough and finally putting it into the wood oven.  Every step was performed by hand.


As we were waiting for the pizza, mozzarella plate was one of the dishes that I had to order.  I loved the semi soft cheese.  The cheese was very fresh and moist.  There were also mushrooms served on the side. 

The best way to try a pizza was to order the most simplistic pizza as possible.  I dislike eating pizzas with toppings overload.  Margherita was one that I wanted to try.  We got told that it took a long time to prepare the dough therefore I expected something spectacular.  It looked amazingly thin, and in the middle was a little soggy.  The crust on the outside was quite thick but crispy, there were some parts that were flakey.  I would have liked the pizza crust to be a little more crunchy.  Perhaps the traditional pizza was not meant to be crunchy. 



Now did I like Etica?  Well I did, simple Italian food with produce sourced organically and the meat farmed ethically.  However, they do need to work on their service a little more, a couple of the waiters there were a little forgetful with orders.  


Visit Etica - 125 Gilles Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 7324 4215

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