Corner Store Cafe - A revisit!

Where to go after our run this morning?  One of our favourite cafes was just around the corner, yup it's the CSC.  We arrived there quite early, being a beautiful day, there were already few reserve signs on the tables at the front.  We decided to sit outside in the back area, and there was a vertical garden.  How lovely!

I think it's been a while since going to this cafe.  Rather than ordering and paying at the counter.  It is now table service, even better.  A friendly staff member will come to you.  

We started off with a couple of coffees, my favourite cappuccino and flat white.

Smashed avocado on two pieces of sour dough has always been one of my favourite breakfasts.  Fresh avocado mixed with mint, topped with rockets and a hint of chilli.  Not only did it look great but it tasted delicious. 

We also wanted to try something different, a bowl of hot porridge consisting of rhubarb, almonds and tapioca balls.  It was rather interesting, but an excellent combination.  It had the perfect sweetness.  Loved it. 

Amazing food once again Corner Store Cafe!  Loved every bit of it!


Visit Corner Store Cafe - 23 Swift Avenue, Dulwich, SA (08) - 8333 1237

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