Sit Lo

The talk of town at the moment is this new casual eatery called Sit Lo.  It is located on Bank Street in the Adelaide CBD.  It opens late night and offers take aways.  Sit Lo has a modern interior and a long table which runs down the centre.  There are also a few two person tables, the funny thing about that is the stools that you sit on are from the big yellow oil cans.  Obviously these oil cans are empty and there are cushions on top where you sit on, they are rather unique. 

A very simple menu on the wall, consists of noodle bowls, banh mi, pho, baos and cold rolls.

Everything was served in either take away boxes or eco friendly cups.  One cold roll consisted of tofu and sautéed shitake mushroom and that was $3.50, there was nothing special about the taste of the cold roll.  The steamed bun was quite nice, it had pork belly, pickled cucumber and scallions in it.  The pork belly was tender and succulent. 

Next was the chicken banh mi, the bread roll itself was crunchy and there was quite a proportion of chicken inside the roll.  The chicken was well marinated. 

The pho which I looked forward to was a little disappointing.  This was served in a large cup, I must say that I am pretty good with chopsticks.  However it was so difficult to eat in a tall cup, I couldn't get to the bottom of it.  Having it in an eco friendly bowl would have been a better idea.  The broth didn't have much taste, but good thing was that I wasn't thirsty after eating it.  They do emphasise 'no msg'  in their food. 

The food arrived within minutes after we ordered.  Service was good, it was a little on the expensive side for a take away joint. 


Visit Sit Lo - 30 Bank Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - 0439 004 161

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