Andre's Cucina & Polenta Bar

This has been one of the restaurants we have wanted to try for a long time, and finally we made it.  We arrived slightly early for our booking but the table had been reserved for us.  It was quite dark in the restaurant, and it wasn't exactly big either.  Therefore there was really not that much room to move around.  The tables were so close that we could hear conversations from the two tables next to us rather clearly.  

I didn't think the service was that attentive on the night.  We had to wait a long time before someone would take our order.  We opted for the $59 option which was the menu fisso meaning that chef would serve you food like you are having an Italian feast.  We had no idea what to expect. 

First up was the kingfish carpaccio, it was soaked in vanilla bean oil and lemon juice.  It was very refreshing and I could taste the freshness of the kingfish amongst the peas and mint.  It didn't take long before I gobbled down the dish.  

Next was an antipasto plate served with some bread.  It was a rather large plate to share between two people.  There was a mixture of prosciutto, salami. olives, cheese.  A typical Italian dish to share.

The highlight of this menu was the gnocchi.  I have never had gnocchi that was as soft as this one.  They just melted in my mouth.  The sauce, and the meat were just delicious.  I wished there was more of this dish. 

Next was some potato chunks with tender steak served with a plate of salad.  The salad consisted of cabbage, carrot and rocket in a light dressing.  Apparently one of their specialties was the polenta.  Therefore I was quite looking forward to this dish.  However, the polenta was not as how I expected it to be.  It was way too thick until it was sticking to the spoon.  I wasn't sure if polenta was supposed to be served like that.  I ate the mushrooms instead. 

Our stomaches were getting close to full, however we were quite looking forward to some tradition Italian desserts.  When the plate arrived at our table, we were greatly disappointed.  It was a blob of cream served with chocolate gnocchi with strawberries and chocolates on top.  I didn't like the chocolate gnocchi, it tasted a little weird. 

One of the waitress on the floor was the partner of one of the patrons on the night, and she kept on chatting to people on that table, therefore other people were not served and service was definitely not attentive throughout the night apart from that table.  

I had organised for a birthday sparkler to come out with the dessert as it was a birthday celebration, however that didn't happen.  Even though the girl on the phone had promised that they could do something with the dessert.  Oh well, I couldn't be bothered asking as I would have had to wait another ten minutes.

I am not sure I enjoyed my dinner tonight as much as I would have liked.  


Visit Andre's Cucina & Polenta Bar - 94 Frome Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8224 0004

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