Bistro Dom

I have heard mixed reviews about this place, but decided to give it a go.  I was able to make a booking using the Dimmi online reservation service this time.  If you decide to go there,  I suggest you leave a little early.  We had already left our house with plenty of time to spare, however finding car parks in the city was such a pain in the neck.  It seemed like we were going round and round in circles.  Luckily Jordan was nice enough on the phone as I called to let him know we were running late. 

The restaurant itself was quite narrow with not that many tables.  We walked past the bar to get to our table.  Fresh olives and salami were on every table, a great nibble bowl to start off with.  Complimentary soup was an excellent way to begin our degustation menu.  We did not know what to expect as they do not tell you what is on the menu.  This must be the in thing at the moment.  Almost all the degustation restaurants I have been to, the chefs like to keep the menu all a secret.  


First there was the potato, and second was the fish.  They were both presented on blue plates and off centered.  Potato was a mouth full.  There was nothing special about that dish.  Only that the fish was very fresh and I loved the seasoning. 

Next was the cured rabbit meat.  The meat was cold but it was tasty.  However, there were bones inside the meat and I almost broke my jaw as i bit into it.  It wasn't just one bone, there were a couple in my partner's dish.  It would have been perfect, but having the bones in there was a fail. 


I was quite looking forward to the berkshire pork belly.  I was expecting some crispy crackling pork.  It looked very nice, again pushed to one side of the plate, there were way too many peppers in this dish.  It had so much that it overpowered the taste of the pork.  The skin was not crackling at all, even the table next to us said the same thing.  There was no way that my knife could cut through the pork skin, this was because the skin was hard and not crackling at all.  I used my finger and tried to rip a little bit off to try, it was actually chewy. 

When we told the waitress that in general the food was very nice, apart from the pork.  She didn't say anything.  She didn't even say that she was going to pass the comments onto the chef, but instead said that it was supposed to be crackling.  Yeah, I wasn't sure about that. 

On our way out, there were people sitting at the bar and we had to squeeze between the chairs and the wall to get out.  

Bisto Dom had given me the feeling of high class with elegance.  But I think I left a little disappointed this time.  It wasn't at all there. 


Visit Bisto Dom - 24 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8231 7000

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