Wild Thyme Organic Cafe and Market

As the name says, this cafe has a big emphasis on local, organic, fresh and natural produces.  We thought we would give it a go.  This is not just a cafe,  there is a grocery store behind. 


One glass of the energy juice was almost $9.  It was nothing spectacular, you might as well go to Argo on the Parade for more choices of juice. 

The breakfast menu was nothing like the one on the website.  In fact there were very little choice to choose from.  The prices weren't exactly cheap either.  Baked eggs with salmon was one of the decent choices on the menu.  The eggs were not fluffy and to me it seemed like overcooked eggs with spinach and goat cheese mixed in. 


Then we made our own breakfast, starting off with $9.50, added extra $3.50 for each ingredient.  We had bacon and eggs, supposedly mushrooms as well.  However we had to ask for the mushrooms as they completely forgot to put on the plate.  The mushrooms were cold and soaked in oil.  We picked rye bread with the breakfast, however it tasted like sourdough.  When we approached the staff there, they were not sure of the menu and had to ask the chef.  He said it was not sourdough.  We could definitely taste the sourness in the bread.  The toasted bread was rock hard, we didn't finish it, in fact we left it untouched.  How can they serve breads like this?  


I am not sure that the price reflected the quality of the food at Wild Thyme, I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked.  I much prefer UR caffe a couple of doors down Melbourne Street.


Visit Wild Thyme Organic Cafe and Market - 103 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA 5006 - (08) 8361 8888

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Discount: ENTERTAINMENT BOOK VOUCHER: 25% off the total bill.