The good thing about Adelaide is you don't have to travel far to enjoy some good food.  If you enjoy the drive, only 15 minutes away from the city is the beautiful town of Stirling.  We also saw many people on their bikes.  I supposed if you have a desire to ride up the hill, then sure why not? 

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes along Mount Barker Road.  Grocery stores with fresh produce, little boutique shops, bakeries and even roasted chestnuts on the street for sale.  

I walked into this nice little cafe, and sat right in front of the fire place.  It was definitely nice and warm.  Bread was served with oil, balsamic vinegar and dukkah.  I loved the mixture of herbs and nuts. 

The servings for each dish was quite large.  The open steak sandwich was a full plate.  There was beetroot relish, porterhouse steak, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion, salads on a sourdough.  To top it off there was a fried egg served with thickly cut chips.


I was hungry so decided to have lamb shank.  It was lucky that I only ordered one shank instead of two.  It seemed like it was one of those traditional recipes passed down from generations.  The sauce was amazing - garlic, thyme, wine.  Perhaps a little bit too rich for lunch, but it was delicious.  Usually lamb shank would be served with smooth mash, but I quite liked the crushed potato in this dish. 

The beef and stout pie was quite interesting, it looked quite messy.  At first I thought there would be pastry with beef inside.  It was overflowing celeriac mash with beef underneath, it was served with some steamed greens.  This dish was rather filling. 

Tranquilo is the perfect setting for lunch, right in front of the warm fire with friendly and attentive service.  Food was fresh and delicious, what more could you ask?


Visit Tranquilo - 4 Mount Barker Road, Stirling, SA 5152 - (08) 8339 7333 

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