Botanic Gardens Restaurant - Festival of Food Adelaide 2014

I remembered coming to Botanic Gardens Restaurant for FOF last year.  It didn't seem that long ago.  First of all, the menu on the FOF voucher was different to the one that we got in the restaurant on the day.  The choices were definitely less and we weren't offered any items from the alarcarte menu.  We were a little surprised, as I really wanted to dry the duck as listed on the voucher. 

There were two waiters in the restaurant and both were very polite.  Although when we ordered two glasses of the red wine, one of the waiters came and without showing us or confirming the bottle, he decided that he would pour straight into our glasses.  Lucky I had a quick glimpse and it was the correct bottle.  


Thin slices of pastries filled with chicken liver pate were compliments from the chef.  They were almost too nice to put in our mouths.  We weren't sure whether to use our fingers, or cutlery for this one.  Tasted great though. 

For entree, each of us got salmon, spring rolls with goats cheese and meat from pork hock.  There was a lot on the plate.  My favourite was the salmon. 

This was the Berkshire pork belly.  What an interesting way to cook the pork.  At soon as I saw pork belly on the menu.  I immediately thought of crackling.  This one did crackle too, but it was only the pastry on the outside, the taste of the pork and the juice were trapped inside this thin crusted pastry.  Chorizo on top was a little burnt though.  Also I found the pork was a little salty this time. 

Mullet was the fish of the day.  The fish had been put to the side of the plate.  It looked a little odd as two thirds of the plate was empty.  Fish was cooked nicely, and it went well with the dressing.  However, it was once again a little salty. 

Service was attentive throughout the meal, until the end when a couple decided to walk in to discuss things in relations to holding a function at the restaurant.  That was when there was only one staff on the floor.  It took a bit of time until we got some service. 

Finally it was dessert time, we were looking forward to the dark chocolate tarts as stated in the voucher.  However these petite fours arrived, short bread, meringue, chestnut cake and marshmallows. 

When we went to pay, we noticed that the black wallet that they handed out said American express cards accepted.  However, there was 3% charge on American express or diners on the cover page of the FOF menu, perhaps they should replace all those wallets. 

To be honest, I enjoyed last year's menu a lot better.  The presentation of the food was more planned out, the taste and the variety definitely beat this year's.  This year, the food we had were on the saltier side.  


Visit Botanic Gardens Restaurant - Plane Tree Drive, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8223 3526

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