UR Caffe - A Revisit

UR Caffe never disappoints, once again we had a great experience at this little popular cafe.  Lucky we got there a little early on a Sunday morning, perhaps everyone was sleeping after watching the world cup.  We were able to get a four seater table quickly.  The menu has changed a little since the last time we were there.  My favourite items still appeared to be on the menu.  Coffee was made beautifully, check out the coffee art.  I was watching the barista, he paid attention to each of the coffee he made, that was why the coffee tasted so good. 

There was no time to waste, the food arrived at our table in a timely fashion.  The corn fritter was made in a spicy sauce, even though it had a Thai dressing to it.  It was still a very light dish to eat.  It was yummy and definitely not doughy. 


UR Benny was basically eggs Benedict.  We had it without the hollandaise sauce and changed the eggs to scrambled eggs.  Yes the ham had absolutely no fat, and eggs were not immersed with butter, yet still fluffy. 

My favourite was this pot called Aroy eggs.  It was basically poached eggs in a pool of cauliflower puree, together with baked beans topped with crispy prosciutto.  It was absolutely delicious.  Crispy sour dough to dip with, loved every bit of it. 

Classic bacon and eggs had absolutely no fat, the bacon was lean and not salty.  Five daisies.


Visit UR Caffe - 117 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, SA 5006 - 0432 276 897

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