There are many coffee/ dessert places emerging in Adelaide, and this one was no exception.  The cafe is located on Hutt Street, with limited seating we sat at a table near the back.  We were admiring at all the decor around the cafe, I loved the wall paper.  However the whole cafe was smelling of Indian spices, it was rather pungent. 

Given that coffee is in its name, I expected some seriously good coffee.   There were certainly a lot of choices to choose from, on top of the menu, there was the specials board.  I was keen to have a coffee and something sweet, so a cappuccino and a siphon coffee... They were both presented nicely, but they did take a long time to arrive at our table.  The two coffees were ordinary.

The crepe took even longer, it was a banana and nutella crepe.  It did look delicious, however I was very disappointed with the texture of the crepe.  It was folded into sections and filled with chocolate sauce on top.  The crepe itself was not soft, it was unevenly hard.  I would have liked more 'nutella' on it.  I wasn't sure if the crepe was worth the price. 


The service was good, and I loved the decor.  There were some funky coffee apparatus that you can purchase.  Although I wasn't sure of the chocolates by the windows, the sun was shining on them and some of them looked like they were melted.  It was very average for my liking, so three daisies.


Visit Coffylosophy - 198a Hutt Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8227 1860

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