Maxwell's Ellen Street Restaurant

If you have an afternoon to spare, I suggest you take a trip to McLaren Vale to visit the beautiful winery of Maxwell.  There is a restaurant on site called Ellen Street Restaurant and this is where I will be taking you through these yummy photos.  

Refined dining, local produce!!

Why not do some wine tasting at the cellar door at the same time?  Pick your favourite wine and then sit down at the lovely Ellen Street restaurant.  There is a fire place inside so no need to worry about the cold or on a lovely warm afternoon you can easily sit outside and stare at the beautiful vineyards. 

We decided to relax and enjoy a full degustation menu put together by the lovely chef.  This cost us $70 per person.

We were served with some homemade sour dough, the crust was crunchy and bread was soft, I smothered the bread with the butter, it wasn't ordinary butter.  I could eat the butter by itself.  Then there were the olives, let's just say I couldn't stop eating because they were so fresh and once again very tasty. 

I love to eat raw oysters, they need to be very fresh otherwise the fishy taste would just damage the taste buds.  To tell you, these were indeed very fresh and juicy. 


Next was the zucchini flowers, wow this was amazing!  The flower was stuffed with Hindmarsh Valley Chèvre, and served with thinly sliced of zucchini.  The lime gave it the extra zest and made it such a delightful dish to eat. 

I would eat pate, it's not something that I don't like.  These were served in the mason jars.  Must be the newest trend at the moment.  Mind you, they gave excellent presentation.  Pate in a jar with a layer of honey on top, served with wheat biscuits on the side.  An interesting combination I say.   I ate it but I wouldn't call it my favourite.  I gave credit to the creativity. 

Snapper with celeriac foam was the highlight of the afternoon.  The skin was crispy and the snapper meat was cooked to perfection.  It was absolutely delicious.  I learnt something new with this dish.  There is actually a plant called Samphfire and it is a very tasty plant.  It is also known as the wild sea bean.  These were lightly salted (naturally) and matched so well with the snapper. 


Yes, there was still more to come.  Ribeye on a bed of porcini mushrooms.  Wow just this dish was enough as a main course.  Meat on the bone, not only looked great, but was absolutely mouth watering. 

Last but not least was the dessert.  It was one of my favourites, which was panna cotta.  Rhubarb and pistachio crumble, yum yum!!  I had a coffee with my dessert, an excellent way to finish my meal off. 

That was a few hours gone in the afternoon, but it was well spent.  I enjoyed my experience at the Ellen Street restaurant.  I noticed the kitchen there was actually quite small but that didn't affect the quality of food.  In fact , the service was superb and the quality of food was of high standard.  I give five daisies and yes I will be back. 


Visit Maxwells' Ellen Street Restaurant - Corner of Olivers & Chalk Hill Roads, McLaren Vale, SA 5171 - (08) 8323 8200

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