Bun Vermicelli

The name of this little restaurant tells me it's Vietnamese.  There was a simple menu on the board and limited seats inside.  Some of the things were a little over priced.  The staff were not exactly friendly either.  

We ordered the salt and pepper squid, and OMG.. it was the smallest serve I have ever seen.  There was not much texture and we counted, there were 8 pieces of squid.  They looked like they have been fried and just sprinkled with spring onions.  The batter was thin but the taste was okay only.  It still doesn't compare to the salt and pepper squid at Vietnam Kitchen. 


We ordered beef noodles - PHO.  The garnish that came with the pho was so sad, there were only sprouts, coriander and chilli.  What about basil, mint leaves?  I didn't understand why they couldn't be a little more generous, it wasn't even enough for one person. 

Meanwhile, there was not much difference between a small and a large bowl of pho.  They were both small in comparison to any other Vietnam restaurants I have been to.  The broth was bland, there was only a few slices of beef and not sure about the fresh noodles either.  All I could say was that after our meal, we were super thirsty. 


Visit Bun Vermicelli - Shop 4/389 Fullarton Road, Fullarton, SA 5063 - (08) 8373 7771

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